Is your dog ready for Yom Kippur? How about Hanukkah? Or his Bark
Mitzvah? If not then it may be time to do a little shopping. If your dog
is a part of your family then perhaps you want to include it in your
faith as well. After all, God created all of us!

Dog Yarmulke and TallisDog Yarmulke and Tallis

A "fetching" ensemble of yarmulke and talllis can help you and your dog feel just that much closer spiritually. Why let the Christians have all the fun in dressing up their dogs as Santa Claus?

Dog Yarmulke and TallisDog Yarmulke and Tallis

 Bark Mitzvahs are becoming increasingly popular. Imagine how proud you will be when your puppy comes of age and barks those all-important words, "Today I am a dog!" Okay, I'd pay good money to see your pooch read from the Torah.

Dog Yarmulke and TallisDog Yarmulke and Tallis

With these garments your dog will be prepared for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Passover, or whatever other holiday you will be celebrating. Your dog will feel that you are serious when you say it is one of the family -- and so will you.

"Bow"ruch atah Adonai . . .

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