This trio of dinosaur dog costumes is great for those paleo-pooches out
there and great for dinosaur-loving dog owners. If you've got three dogs
to go with them you can start your own Jurassic Dog Park. Just add yourself in khakis and a pith helmet to complete the effect.

Triceratops Dog

The triceratops is a favorite dinosaur of kids everywhere with the boney helmet head and the iconic three horns that give the beast its name. The costume is basically just a helmet, leaving the rest of the dog free to take care of any necessary dog business.

Triceratops DogTriceratops Dog

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 Stegosaurus Dog

Another popular dinosaur has a distinctive ridge of protective plates along its back and defensive spikes on the end of its tail. Despite the imposing appearance, the stegosaurus was a gentle vegetarian. The foam padding of the costume will help keep your pup warm on a chilly Halloween or that educational school pageant.

 Stegosaurus DogStegosaurus Dog

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Raptor Dog

One of the big dino-stars of the Jurassic Park movie franchise was the raptor -- a clever and terrifyingly efficient hunter. Dress your shy pipsqueak of a dog in this costume for a great boost of self-esteem (unless it is the sort that will die of embarrassment).  Let them discover their alter-ego while celebrating one of the most popular holidays of the year.

 Raptor DogRaptor Dog

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