The holidays are a time to be enjoyed by the entire family, so why not include your furry companions with some pet stockings? There are a number of ways to make your pet a part of the holiday season. Here are some pet stocking stuffer ideas to get you started.


Pet Stocking Stuffer #1: Toys

Pets need something to keep themselves entertained, and a good pet toy could do the trick. Dogs, for instance, generally like to play fetch, or tug of war. For this reason, a good ball  or a tug rope might be good stocking stuffers. For an ideal toy, try combining a toy with a treat by getting your dog a good Kong like the Kong Classic. Toys are great for cats as well, a good refillable catnip toy or a toy mouse could make a good stocking stuffer. Even smaller animals such as birds or rodents could benefit from a good toy stocking stuffer to include them in the festivities. For a great list of recommended toys, take a look at 19+ Best Interactive Pet Gift Ideas.

Pet Stocking Stuffer #2: Treats

Dogs love to chew on things, so a good rawhide like Green Cow Rawhide Dog Bones can make a good stocking stuffer. There's also the option of making treats for your pet as a homemade stocking stuffer option, this way you have complete control over what your pet consumes. If you also give your dog, cat, or bird a kong or a foraging toy, don't forget something to stuff it with.  For some tasty home made treat ideas, take a look at Top 5 Tasty Homemade Treats

Puppy Love Under the Tree: Image by Jurvetson, FlickrPuppy Love Under the Tree: Image by Jurvetson, Flickr

Pet Stocking Stuffer #3: Catnip

Catnip has quite a few benefits, both for humans and cats, including insect control, behavior control, and ample entertainment for the cat. Catnip is also great to stuff in certain toys for an extra special toy. Catnip can be bought in seed form, as a plant, or dried. If you're interested in a catnip stocking stuffer, the best option might be some good quality catnip seeds like the 200 Seeds Catnip Herb.  Read more about catnip in 4 Surprising Uses for Catnip.

Pet Stocking Stuffer #4: Warm Clothing

During the winter season it can get very cold, even for your dog. For certain breeds of dogs, a fur coat just isn't enough. For this reason, a good warm sweater or winter coat for your dog like the Kakadu Pet Explorer could be the perfect stocking stuffer. There are also cute clothes available for cats, and smaller animals which could fit perfectly in a pet stocking. Perhaps some warm booties and hoodies would be perfect?

Pet Stocking Stuffer #5: Grooming Tools

There are numerous grooming tools available for pets. For birds, a spray bottle would be a good stocking stuffer. Hamsters and various other rodents need wood to chew on as well. Dogs and cats can benefit from bathing items like bathing wipes or pet shampoo. There's also the option of filling a stocking with dental products, or a good dog or cat brush, depending on the animal. Some great grooming tools are listed in 8 Money Saving Grooming Tools.

With these stocking stuffers your pet can feel like he's a part of the festivities. Remember safe holiday practices, and have fun!

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After all the shopping iis over, try: 5 Fun Dog Activities For The Holidays.

Have a wonderful holidays and remember to just enjoy the simple little things that make life a good one.

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