The anti-bacterial Blanket Bed from Peppy features a detachable matching coverlet that allows your pet – cats or dogs – to regulate how warm they want to be. Available in a choice of three graduated sizes, this super-comfortable bed & blanket combo will have you wishing Peppy made one large enough to accommodate YOU!

Available in your choice of Cocoa, Pink or Beige, the Blanket Bed resembles a big round red blood cell – or, if you prefer, a jumbo donut with the hole mostly filled in. But wait, there's more... the finishing touch is a matching blanket that attaches to the bed via a single metal button.

Both bed and blanket are Made in China (but designed in Japan), and have been treated with an anti-mite, anti-bacterial and deodorant process. Peppy recommends both the bed cover and the blanket be washed by hand, a labor of love if there ever was! 

You can order your Blanket Bed direct from Peppy (it's in Japanese, be warned). The beds are priced from 3,240 to 12,312 yen (about $30 to $115) each plus shipping.