A nosy polar bear got a little too handsy with a Russian arctic station worker before being run off by the station's guard dogs.

Pesky Polar Bear Just Wants To Have Friends For Lunch

Don't try this at home (or anywhere for that matter), kids. A video posted to YouTube by member marinos aristotelous shows a young polar bear checking out a Russian arctic station... and the possibly tasty workers sheltering inside.

The bear, which seems more curious than aggressive, is shown sniffing the worker's hand and giving it a tentative lick... “hmm, needs salt” is what the bold bruin might be thinking.

Pesky Polar Bear Just Wants To Have Friends For Lunch

The station is stated to be on the far-northern arctic island of Stolbovoy - not a popular travel destination by any means. Whatever, we don't need tourists – like that ignoramus who petted a lion while on a sightseeing safari – descending on the arctic station hoping to share a Coke with a critter.

But we digress. The since deleted video features a station worker who gladly risks his hand, arm and life by getting up close and personal with one of the planet's most formidable carnivores, whom he's dubbed “Mishka”. He even observes (in Russian) that “his paws are cute.” Dude's been away from home too long, amiright?