Forevers by Petsies


There’s a new toy on the market, and we’re not sure whom exactly it’s for: you or your pet. Perhaps I’d better explain. It seems a startup company is making stuffed animals custom ordered to look identical to your pet. What you do with the soft plushy toy after receiving it is up to you, but this could actually end up being a very popular idea, when it’s all said and done.


The company behind the idea is Petsies, and they don’t limit orders to just cats and dogs. They’ve figured out it’s not just a chocolate and vanilla world and lots of people like strawberry or butter pecan — in other words, be it a turtle, rabbit, horse or guinea pig, if you’re willing to dole out the cash they’ll design it.


Huggables by Petsies

Pet Toys

The stuffed animals are remarkably similar in appearance, if not downright identical, to the pictures of the pets they’re modeled after. In fact, some are mirror images — other than they’re considerably smaller and come with a blank stare. Regardless, they’re cute, soft and cuddly, which is everything you could ask for in either a stuffed animal or a real, live pet.

Gift Ideas

For the person who has everything, and anyone else that’s difficult to shop for when it’s time for gift giving, Petsies might just be spot on. The doppelgängers come in two styles, Huggables and Forevers. The Huggables are soft plushies with a passing resemblance to your pet, but they aren’t mirror images. The Forevers, on the other hand, are artistically rendered using airbrushing to memorialize your pet in greater detail.


Stars by Petsies

A Star is Born

There appears to be a third line, according to the pictures on Petsies’ website, called Stars. The information associated with this category states “Huggable stuffed animals of the world’s most famous pets.” I guess if you’re coveting one of Sharon Osbourne’s dogs you can get a plushy in their image.

Custom-Made Toys

If you’re interested, the entire process takes between eight and 10 weeks from the time you order ‘til delivery, and the toy’s start in the $200 range. If you or someone you know gets one, please tell us about it in the comment section below. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the experience.