If you’ve taken a fancy to our fine feathered friends to the point that you’d like some extra ducks, eagles, jays, cranes, cardinals, kiwis, crows and more birds in your mailbox each month, take a lark- I mean look at the top three bird magazines:



It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran vulture fan or a fresh-faced finch chaser, BirdWatching is there to take you under its collective wing to the next level of the classic hobby of bird watching. Some of BirdWatching’s unique features include comprehensive maps of where to find specific bird species across North America, invaluable tips to bring your favorite birds to your backyard as well as a range of well-written pieces and beautiful images for birds of every kind.

Audubon Magazine



Although the Audubon Magazine has its long-running roots in covering a wide range of topics concerning birds from around the globe, the magazine is also dedicated to delivering the most relevant news regarding conservation, wildlife and all of nature’s beauty. If you enjoy taking in a healthy helping of science with your pretty birds, then Audubon Magazine might be for you!

Birds & Blooms Magazine



If you really aren’t satisfied with going out on grand adventures to observe the avian creatures that tickle your fancy, then you’ll appreciate the large variety of tips and tricks Birds & Blooms Magazine shares in each issue to lure birds to your home! Birds & Blooms Magazine is all about providing you easy ways to cultivate a garden full of plants that both you and your favored birds will enjoy all year round.

How to Attract Cassowaries to your Backyard Garden, by Arnold CarreiroHow to Attract Cassowaries to your Backyard Garden, by Arnold Carreiro

Here’s hoping that I’ve caught the eagle-eye of a few of you who appreciate stellar publications for bird-buffs, and don’t forget that you can grab a subscription to any of the trio via the links below! Have fun, and don’t forget the binoculars!

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