There is nothing like having a nice, furry dog to curl up with on the
bed -- unless it is a Labrador Retriever Body Pillow. This life-sized
stuffed dog offers hours of pleasure without ever needing to "go for a

 Yellow Labrador Retriever Body PillowYellow Labrador Retriever Body Pillow

One of these adorable dogs with realistic features offers plenty of cuddling and emotional support without sticking a cold, wet nose in your face, drooling on your book, or demanding any necessary trips for potty breaks or ball-fetching.  Not only that there is no doggie breath or chance for wet dog smell. While a real dog is always the number one choice of dog lovers, sometimes you may need a different kind of dog love.

 Chocolate Labrador Retriever Body PillowChocolate Labrador Retriever Body Pillow

Labrador Retrievers are known for being loving, intelligent, and loyal friends and this one will be no different -- and has the added benefit of lumbar support for your back when lying on your side. These dogs come in a choice of yellow or chocolate Lab. They are great companions to curl up with one a cold winter's day, or for lounging with while reading that summer novel.

To order a yellow Lab, click here. For chocolate, click here.

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