When I see products like this I begin to wonder if dogs have taken a
genetic leap and somehow begun to influence manufacturers into making
fantasy products.  I mean we, as humans, have Animal Crackers, right? 
Why shouldn't a dog (as an animal) have People Crackers?

Sporting 90 little treats per bag, People Crackers are sure to spark your dog's imagination as he gets to eat three different human shapes:

*Mail Man

*Milk Man

*Dog Catcher

Something tells me that the last shape would taste the best to a dog.  It would taste like revenge...

Customer reviews are mixed, though they tend toward the positive.  On the plus side People Crackers are apparently really great little treats to use while training your dog.  They are also very cost-effective (just under $3.00).

The negatives center on nutritional issues--they are apparently not healthy (But what treat is?  I love ice cream, but I can't eat an entire tub)--and taste.  Some dogs simply don't like them.  Again I'll use a personal example: I don't like cake very much, but most people do.  As such, I think that it depends on what the dog likes.  I'll admit that I have not eaten a People Cracker (I currently don't have a dog).  But I have tasted Milk Bones in the past; they taste like sand.  So I cannot comment first-hand as to the deliciousness of this product.

For the most part dogs seem to like them.  And as they are inexpensive, People Crackers are worth checking out if you want to give your furry buddy a little treat.

Get your People Crackers here!

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