Peeps have been delighting children and sweetening up Easter Baskets since 1953 but guess what: the marshmallowy treats aren't just for Easter anymore! Take a "peep" at what the folks at Serious Eats are up to, for instance, as they whip up an unexpected Peeps treat with a decided Japanese accent!

Now hold on just a minute, this isn't the Peeps and rice combo you might be expecting. Serious Eats' super chefs have opted for crispy puffed rice, the kind generations of kids have enjoyed at breakfast time or at snack time as Rice Krispies Treats.

Peeps Sushi: Sweet Fun For Easter Treat Eaters

Once you've gotten over the rice conundrum, consider the need... the need for seaweed! The traditional nigirizushi and futomaki rolls are wrapped in dried nori seaweed. This serves to hold the rice and its (usually) raw fish topping together. Softened Peeps are certainly sticky but for the sake of aesthetics the search was on for a seaweed substitute.

Peeps Sushi: Sweet Fun For Easter Treat Eaters

The answer: Fruit by the Foot! Betty Crocker's popular fruit-based snack comes in 3-ft long rolls (“3 feet of fun!”) and comes in a variety of fruit flavors. Most are dark in color and the Green Apple flavor makes the perfect seaweed stand-in.

Peeps Sushi: Sweet Fun For Easter Treat Eaters

Once you've assembled your ingredients it's time to get creative but if "artistic" isn't on your resume, fear not - Serious Eats have posting an illustrated recipe with foolproof instructions. Go ahead, take a peep... they won't bite but your party guests sure will! (via Steamy Kitchen)




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