Suddenly, peacocks! In what might be the world's most beautiful traffic jam, dozens of peacocks and peahens strutted their stuff on a road in rural India.

Peak Peacock Reached As Feathery Fowl Flock To Freeway

Once again, wildlife has taken advantage of reduced human activity during coronavirus lockdowns by flocking to areas of reduced traffic. In this case, the area was a paved thoroughfare in India and the traffic was – formerly at least – made up of assorted trucks, buses and passenger vehicles.

Since the speedy smoke-spewers have been (mainly) sidelined, creatures such as peacocks have taken to shaking their little feathered tushes on the catwalk er, sidewalk. They may be animals but they sure aren't dumb: the full effect of their magnificent plumage can best be viewed on and along a flat roadway unhindered by scrub and shrubs.

Peak Peacock Reached As Feathery Fowl Flock To Freeway

Such was the scene when officer Parveen Kaswan of the IFS (Indian Forest Service) appeared while on patrol. Apologies for the quality of the video – no doubt Kaswan was more than a little overwhelmed by the sudden sight and sound of the feathery flock.

The IFS, by the way, is a division of the nation's Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change. That's right, India has a cabinet-level authority that considers the environment, forests, and climate change equally worthy of attention. Maybe that's why they've got flocks of peacocks blocking traffic while we've got... pizza rats, murder hornets, and pigeons. (via Sakshi Post)