If it's Take Your “Kid” to Walmart Day, then an anonymous goat-owner's got it covered... in style! We don't know why the goat's owner decided to bring the chocolate-brown critter to their local Walmart.

Is it a pet? Perhaps an Emotional Support Animal? If it's the latter, than why was it left outside instead of accompanying its owner? Walmart can be a stressful environment for Man or Beast, amiright?

Parked Goat Channels Its Inner Zebra With An Outer-This World Coat

We'd like to think the owner was running late to a BYOG Goat Yoga class and stopped in for some essential supplies. That might explain why they were so well-prepared for such an event: note the separate food and water dishes, collar with attached rope, and of course the fashionable, form-fitting, zebra-printed goat coat cover.

One wonders if Walmart sells farmyard fashion accessories, or the owner ordered it from an online retailer, or if the stunning onesie was handmade at home. But hey, that's all beside the point. To quote one of the commenters (the only one worth quoting, we might add) at the People of Walmart site, “Whoever owns this magnificent animal cares about its well-being... so, I’d say the person is a kind and loving and tenderhearted soul!!!” We gotta agree – no head-butts about it.