The human attraction to pandas


Our fascination with the panda lies with the creature's physical appearance and similarity to the human condition, particularly in childhood. Just think about how many stuffed animals are made in their image. The eyes have it, as the saying sort of goes, and it  truly is all there in those peepers, which seem even larger than they are because of their distinctive eye patches. Pandas also eat in a human-like position; seated on the floor.

According to the San Diego Zoo website: "Our own young have characteristics that we humans respond to such as: a big round head, large eyes, a high forehead and a roly-poly body. We are programmed to respond to these babyish looks. Babies just make us like them and want to care for them. It is part of our human makeup." Ron Swaisgood, Director of Applied Animal Ecology at the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservative Research claims that the way pandas eat reminds us of ourselves. "They sit up usng their hands with considerable dexterity thanks to a pseudo thumb, which is actually a modified wrist bone."

Keeping a juvenile appearance into adulthood has a name in science; it's called neoteny. Pandas are a source of fun and they make us laugh, whether we should or not. That's why the following outrageously adorable panda products for home and hearth are just plain fun and certain to bring a chuckle to your lips. Pandas are appealing also because they have become a symbol of conservation adapted by the World Wildlife Fund. They are wonderful marketing icons whose images have been used to sell everything from candies and rice cakes to cigarettes and undrewear, with a myriad of food and home-related products in between.

Food-related panda products


 Panda rice balls: Source: Bentoandco.comPanda rice balls: Source:


 If you are a rice eater and love those bento boxes so popular in Japanese cuisine, these panda rice balls  are just the thing! Pretend you are not eating a panda and you will be just fine; perhaps when it comes time to eat the eyes, you will be able to lok away. And then again, perhaps not.


Panda toast: Source: Kerli.buzznet.comPanda toast: Source:


A panda eats mostly bamboo in the wild and honey, eggs, fish, fruit and vegetables in captivity.  It is  unlikely that such a creature would ever be caught eating bread. Despite this, panda lovers should check out this new and different way to enjoy morning toast. Smearing your favorite spread might not be so easy, as it will cover up the adorable face that looks back at you from your plate!

Panda products for the home


Panda alarm clock: Source: Amazon.comPanda alarm clock: Source:


This unique alarm clock has real personality. It makes a great fun gift for the person who has just about everythng. It doubles as a night-light as well. Wake up and smile at the sight of your favorite creature staring back at you from your bed stand.


Lucky panda neck cushion: Source: Amazon.comLucky panda neck cushion: Source:


Take the image of your favorite creature with you wherever you go. This durable, high quality foam pillow is comfortable and very cool. The Lucky Panda Neck Cushion is versatile and you can use it anywhere you bring your neck; living room, bedroom, kitchen, office or patio.

Panda related clothing


Panda beanie for kids: Source: Amazon.comPanda beanie for kids: Source:


Have your kid be the first on the block to wear this adorable and very warm beanie made in the image of the beloved panda bear.


Panda ankle socks: Source: Amazon.comPanda ankle socks: Source:


These cool men's ankle socks  come in two pairs and will fit sizes 6-10. they are real converstaion  pieces, as one pair has a panda face on each sock and the is a split face-matching panda.


Panda shorts: Source: Designyoutrust.comPanda shorts: Source:


Check out these novelty shorts designed in the image of your favorite bear. To wear boots with these shorts   provides an interesting look, but might prove to be a bit heavy on those sweltering summer days. The ultimate look is of course, up to you, but you will probably end up to be the only one on your block (or at least the first one) to wear these cool panda shorts.


 Panda HoodiePanda Hoodie

 This adorable sweatshirt hoodie comes in a variety of fun animals but the Panda is especially cute.It's 100% polyester fleece.


 Panda accessories


Panda clasp purse: Source: Amazon.comPanda clasp purse: Source:


Created by Wild Republic, this 6-inch Panda Clasp Purse is made expressly for panda lovers. An ideal gift for children aged about eight years, this purse is well-made and adorable to boot (even though it isn't footwear).

Panda related computer equipment


Panda flash drive: Source: Amazon.comPanda flash drive: Source:


Designed by Seatech, the Premium Panda USB Flash Memory Drive 16 GB drive supports USB 2.0 and is compatible with USB 1.1. It has a generous memory bank and in addition could not possiby be any cuter than it is.



Armed Panda: Source: Funny-pictures.picphotos.netArmed Panda: Source:


 So there it is; a wonderful array of adorable panda gift ideas.  There are a myriad of others just waiting for you. So whether  you prefer a panda that is  armed and ready to steal your heart like our friend above, or just a cute companion to wrap around your neck, you can have it all. Just seek and you shall find.

Happy panda.



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