Get your motor running! Head out on the highway! Let's say that you are
totally a car guy -- or gal -- and that you are also totally into your
pet. Then this is just the car for you! A plush red Ferrari, er,
, that is just for the napping comfort of your favorite furry
friend. Best of all it is fun for you too.

Red Furrari Pet BedRed Furrari Pet Bed

We all know that both you and your pet were born to be wild! Whether you are a dog lover or a cat lover, this bit of automotive luxury will let everyone who enters your home (or office) know that it is being properly pampered.

Red Furrari Pet BedRed Furrari Pet Bed

The bed is big enough for most dogs and yet not so large that it seems to take up the whole room. The cover zips off for easy laundering. The interior is soft and plush enough for deep, rejuvenating sleep.

There is no word on how much trunk space there might be for old bones or toy mice, but the sleeping space measures 14" x 12". This would be an awfully tight fit for your German shepherd, but nice for your pug, and downright roomy for your Chihuahua. 

Just to make sure that people get the idea of how cool this Red Furrari Pet Bed is, the license plate reads "2 HAUTE."

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