What is Pak-O-Bird?


Pak-O-Bird: Source: Bird Home.comPak-O-Bird: Source: Bird Home.com


Pak-O-Bird is a versatile, innovative, lightweight pet carrier that is ideal for transporting your favorite feathery friend in both comfort and safety. Due to the fact that birds come in different sizes. so does Pak-O-Bird; three to be exact, and there are many custom designs to choose from. The diverse designs reflect  the purpose of the chosen carrier. It can serve as a front pouch, a backpack, shoulder bag or even as a stroller for leisure walking or a short sojourn in a hotel or friend's home.

What are some of Pak-O-Bird's special features?


Pak-O Bird2: Source: Avianavenue.comPak-O Bird2: Source: Avianavenue.com


They say the devil is in the details and so is the Pak-O-Bird. The materials used in construction are of the finest quality and even the stitching is done with loving  precision and care. The Pak-O-Bird features an actual skylight in the back in addition to ventilation provided by  large mesh areas on the left, right and front of the carrier. the very thick mesh serves two purposes; it prevents the entry of insects and the bird from chewing through the mesh.

Introduced in 2008, the dense mesh offers optimum ventilation and greatly imporved visibility for the owner to view the bird from otside the carrier. Because the mesh is on all four sides of the carrier, the bird can easily see out without feeling confined. Except for the skylight area, privacy is assured as the carrier can be competely covered by lowering the side curtains and the front window flap.

Each Pak-O-Bird comes with a dragonwood perch and two 5-ounce stainless steel cups for food and water. A large protective eyelet is on one side for inserting the tube of a water botte that is strapped onto the carrier's outside.

Since the carrier is custom-made, there is a wait of usually about two weeks after ordering your own special Pak-O-Bird. One reviewer wrote that while waiting for the carrier for his African Grey Parrot to arrive, the company sent him a picture indicating the current stage of its production.

Entertainment and chewing issues

Whether the bird being transported doesn't chew because he is being entertained or the other way around, with Pak-O-Bird you can hang a bird toy or two to the D-rings on the support panels that will keep the bird busy. For safety's sake, when the carrier is in motion, tie a string to the toys and then thread the string into the two smaller rings perpendicular to the larger ones to prevent them from srtiking the bird.

Chewing can be a big concern for many bird owners and for this problem the stainless steel mesh is more effective than the nylon type. Plastic panels hide and prevent access to zippers and other potentially chewable areas. In addition, all of the zippers have an auto-lock device  that prevents them from sliding and accidental release even if the bird does manage to reach the zippers and eat them for lunch.


Bird carrier: Source: Amazon.comBird carrier: Source: Amazon.com


 Cleaning and storage of Pak-O-Bird

It is easy to clean and store the Pak-O-Bird as it unzips and opens flat by detaching the bars and semi-rigid support panels.  All the parts, including the floor panel, which is easily removed by detaching the small corner flaps and unzipping the side, can be thoroughly cleaned via a waterhose. It is best to store the carrier flat in order to maintain its shape. The mesh needs to be carefully handled, since creases that are created cannot be undone.

The Pak-O-Bird is a boon to both birds and their owners. It allows for safe and comfortable communion with the great outdoors.

Get one for your beloved feathery friend today.

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