The ‘Painted Pets Project’ Uses Art To Promote Pet Adoption

Tucked away in Eastsound, Washington located on Orcas Island, this intimate tourist destination consists of a few hostelries, pubs and eateries, gift stores, public beaches — and one very active and creative animal shelter. The mission of the Orcas Animal Shelter and its non-profit fundraising arm, the Orcas Animal Protection Society is to promote humane care for animals. Through education, the staff's goal is to inform the public about responsible pet care, as well as to provide prospective pet owners with the steps involved in adopting dogs and cats into loving homes.

It takes a village . . .

Last year, the Orcas Animal Protection Society collaborated with local artists to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art using fiberglass sculptures of cats and dogs.

Creators donated their time and talents with innovative re-imaginings of the pet of their choice. These works of art were then displayed in various businesses throughout Eastsound and auctioned off, following a fun scavenger hunt in the community.

Painted Pets Project continues . . .

This year, the society has decided to market the event: the “Painted Pets Project,” where an even larger number of artists have joined to sponsor pets and create works of art. The Rosario Resort & Spa is also partnering to provide a venue to showcase all of ‘live pets’ as well as their ‘sculptured replicas.’

Located 80 miles northwest of Seattle, and 95 miles southwest of Vancouver, British Columbia, all of the art will be displayed in the Rosario lobby of the hotel during the months of August and September.

Adoption papers will also be available for interested parties which lists the artist’s names and adoption fees for each dog or cat. If you haven’t considered pet adoption in the past, this is a great idea for a very unique summer vacation, and an opportunity to bring a pet home with you.
As an added bonus: “If you haven’t considered pet adoption in the past this is a great way to bring a pet into your home that doesn’t require housebreaking!” say the event organizers.

Acquire Some Artsy Aarfs

Those interested in the art, can purchase one or more for your gardens, children rooms, porches, dog houses or any other area of your home or office you deem appropriate.

This one is called “Prince.” Can you guess why? He was created by Barbara Wixom. This funky purple Basset Hound will help you remember the late, great musician — paisley prints and all!

Select your favorite work of art. They make wonderful gifts for pet lovers. All of the proceeds from the Painted Pets Project go towards supporting current and future shelter activities at the Shelter.

The ‘Painted Pets Project’ Uses Art To Promote Pet Adoption