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Paawws By Wiivv


Dogs, like humans, develop muscle and joint problems in their hips, legs, and feet as they age that affect their ability to walk and run like a youngster. Additionally, because dogs walk "barefoot," their foot pads wear down, and that ruins their 'gripping' ability as they walk. So the custom manufacturer of shoe insoles for men and women, Wiivv, has created custom insoles for doggy boots - Paww Custom Pet Insoles or Paawws.


Paawws by Wiivv

Paawws by Wiivv via


The above image is intentionally distorted to give you an idea of how the Wiivv scanner can identify weaknesses in areas of your dog's feet, as well as insure precise measurements of each foot. Actually, you scan each foot individually at home with the Wiivv smart phone app.  Capture each footprint one at a time and the app records 200 points on each paw from which they custom make each insole. When complete, your dog's Pawwss will fit right into her boots, just like your own Wiivvs fit into your shoes.


Paawws By Wiivv

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The idea for Paawws came from dog parents, many of whom had witnessed the power of Wiivv's custom insoles and sandals for themselves. Some, as you'll see in the video below, had dogs that could no longer keep up with their humans when they were wearing Wiivvs.



Now, these dog owners and others like them have custom Paawws for their dogs and you can too.  Just hit this link and get started!


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Sources: Wiivv.com via DesignBoom


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