Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne open doggy daycare
Ozzy holding part of his furry clan


Ahhh, the Osbournes, there’s a lot you can say about the never-a-dull-moment family. As well known for their front man dad as for their going off the rails on a crazy train reality show, the family, Sharon in particular, is especially fond of dogs (who can forget Ozzy stumbling around dodging puddles and dog droppings?). That’s why it should come as little surprise that Mr. and Mrs. O are starting a doggy daycare on the grounds of their Buckinghamshire estate in Great Britain.

The Osbournes

Currently the owners of six dogs, four of which they adopted last year, the dynamic duo are known to travel with their pint-sized pals quite frequently. I say pint-sized, because if you’ll recall they always seemed to have slippers on a string for pets, and the four dogs they adopted last year are no exception: they’re Pomeranians. If anybody could use a doggy daycare facility nearby, it’s the Osbournes.

Certified Dog Trainer

Francesca Maddock, a certified trainer with Positive Dogs, has apparently applied to the local council in their area for a permit that would allow four acres of a horse pasture located on the family estate to be used for the purpose of a doggy daycare. The facility, once opened, would be capable of caring for up to 30 dogs each day. It’s said the O’s furry clan will be among the daycare visitors as well. Maybe Maddock can work with their six pups on house training — although they’re so cute, I’m sure they’re easily forgiven when accidents occur.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne open doggy daycare
Sharon holding their four new Poms

Dog Boarding

“The logic behind the new business is to create a central facility where dogs will be collected in the morning, spend the day in the countryside, in the safe and secure environment of the field, and then be dropped home at the end of the day,” a planning agent for the proposed business told The Sun. “This will reduce the amount of travel required throughout the day along with the risks associated with walking groups of dogs on local footpaths. Dogs are currently walked in open spaces, parks and footpaths, normally in groups. This can be intimidating to other dog owners, cyclists, runners, young mothers with prams and children.”

Celebrity Status

Due to the entire family’s celebrity status, I am sure the Osbournes will find their doggy daycare booked before they even begin offering services. Many people will want to board their pets there for the celebrity cache and the name dropping opportunities alone, but I can’t help feel that, as much as Sharon loves dogs, it will be a well planned and equally well appointed facility the Osbournes and the rest of their community can be proud of.


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