Does this sign make me look fat? An endangered Burrowing Owl appears to be in full troll mode as it stands beneath a sign reminding park visitors that 'molesting' owls is a crime.  

Photographer Wil Art was in the right place at the right time – ditto for the owl – when he snapped the above shot of a nonchalant burrowing owl and a sign seemingly featuring its twin. The photo dates from Friday, July 27th of 2018 and the location appears to be the Robert H Bamford Sports Complex in Davie, Florida.

Owl Trolls Photographer By Posing In Front Of Sign

The photo was subsequently posted at online image sharing community and image host Imgur, and on July 30th it was posted to social news aggregation and discussion site Reddit by site member Burger_slayer. At press time the photo has generated over 700 comments.

Variations on this sign, some with text in all-caps like this one, are often placed at designated burrowing owl nesting areas. That the owls will often “hang out” quite close to the signs is a good indication they effectively deter overly-attached owl lovers... you know who you are. Thanks for giving a hoot!