Give your cats access to a window and, no matter how great their lives are indoors, part of them will always yearn to be outside.


Outback Jack Outdoor Cat Tunnel and Tent

Outback Jack Outdoor Portable Cat Tent & Tunnel


The Outback Jack Outdoor Portable Cat Tent & Tunnel are two separate pieces that you can zip together to give your cat more room and more fun. Put her favorite toys in there and a bowl of cool water, and she'll be set for awhile. These highly-rated pop-up tents make the outdoors accessible to kitties while keeping them confined to just small part of it. 

You might be surprised that these are made of mesh - nylon or polypropylene - and you will think, as I did, "Oh, this will never contain my cat! Mesh? Ha!"


Outback Jack Outdoor Portable Cat Tent & Tunnel

Outback Jack Outdoor Portable Cat Tent & Tunnel

But, believe it or not, only a very few of a few thousand reviewers report instances of their cats trying to scratch their way out of the tent. Perhaps an indoor cat would not be as tempted to break out as an outdoor cat, who is not typically contained when he is outdoors. In any case, your cat should not be left alone in the tent. Always stay outside with her to be sure she doesn't try to break out, but also to watch out for potential predators.

The mesh will keep out mosquitoes and flies and, although it's very fine, it does not necessarily keep out fleas or ticks. (Pets tend to pick up those critters from the ground, anyway.) In any case, make sure your pet is protected against fleas and ticks, especially in warm weather.


Outback Jack Outdoor Portable Cat Tent & Tunnel


Although cats like to lie in the sun, the summer sun is not good for any of us, so if you can, set up your tent in a shady or partially shaded area.  Dogs, rabbits and other small pets can enjoy these tents, as well as cats, but let them out in the early morning, late afternoon, or evening, when the sun is just coming up or going down, in order to minimize your pet's exposure to excessive sun and heat.


​Outback Jack Outdoor Portable Cat Tent & Tunnel​

Outback Jack Outdoor Portable Cat Tent & Tunnel


You can purchase the Outback Tent & Tunnel as a set or individually, if you don't want both parts. Here is the 30 square foot Happy Habitat Cat Tent without the tunnel. Visit this link to see the short video of the easy tent setup.


Happy Habitat Cat Tent

Happy Habitat Cat Tent

The tent offers 30 square feet of play space in it's easy pop-up form. And it folds up pretty nicely too when you take it inside for the night. Pack it up and take it camping too.


Happy Habitat Cat Tent

Happy Habitat Cat Tent In Shoulder Pack; Fun Run Cat Tunnel In Carry Bag

Here's the Fun Run Cat Tunnel, which you can use indoors or out for your cats and other small pets. It's 62 x 17 inches extended and it also folds up nicely in a nylon carry bag (above). The Tunnel also sets up very easily.


Fun Run Cat Tunnel


Let your kitty explore the Fun Run Cat Tunnel indoors before going outside, so she gets accustomed to it. Leave it out for a few days and put some of her special toys in it so she is enticed to enter.

Customers are pretty excited about the Outback Jack Portable Pop-Up Cat Tent & Tunnel. They say it's well-constructed and enjoyed by their pets! What else could you want?


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