Cats love to be outdoors, but there are all kinds of very good reasons to keep them inside -- no need to get into them.  But Kittywalk has made some fine netted, enclosed cat walks, and you can choose one to fit your yard, deck, or balcony.  Give him some fresh air and a new view of the world!

One neat aspect of the Kittywalk line is that the enclosures are modular and usually can be hooked up to another style of enclosure, so you can mix and match, giving your cat more variety.  The mesh used is ripstop netting, which is used for maximum visibility and aeration.

Called the Kittywalk Penthouse, this outdoor shelter provides five feet of air and shade, places to climb and places to sleep.  A kitty could want more, but this should do just fine! 



Unless, you want to splurge on the Kittywalk Town & Country Pet Enclosure, the ultimate in outdoor cat houses!



Well, if you're going to get that fancy, you might as well get the Kittywalk Teepee, so he can experience nature in a "native" enclosure.





The Kittywalk Gazebo comes with a roof entrance through a zipper with a safety clasp.  It's a nice airy, spacious, collapsible cottage, 70 x 70 x 38 inches.



Here's the Kittywalk Outdoor Net Cat Enclosure, great for a yard or long patio. It's 10 feet long, 18 inches high and 24 inches in diameter.  It is enclosed with two doors.



This catwalk also comes in a a 6 foot length, which might be better for a patio or porch.




The Kittywalk Kabana is an adorable accessory for the cat walk, giving kitty shelter and a hammock to take her nap.



The Kittywalk enclosures are made of a heavy duty stiff nylon mesh.  Most cats test the mesh and when they learn that it resists them, they don't try to tear it up to get out.  Customers are generally very satisfied with these products which can be seen from their reviews on Amazon. But it makes good sense to stay with your cat while he's enjoying his outdoor experience just in case he's aroused by anything outside of his enclosure.


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