Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando
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A Florida-based animal shelter has come up with a clever sorting system for homeless pets based on the popular Harry Potter series to ensure animals are paired up properly with forever homes. The "Pawgwarts" program, designed by the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando (PAGO), is no longer labeling shelter inhabitants by breed, but instead are labeling the lonely critters using the same criteria as the fictional school of magic.

Pawgwarts Housing System

According to the PAGO website, "To encourage people to adopt based on personality, we decided to show them for their individual behaviors and personalities." This has long been thought the best way to choose a pet, by care and lifestyle considerations rather than breed. A lot of people get stuck on the idea of owning a particular breed regardless of suitability, which is a mistake for potential pet owners and a disservice to the animals.

Hogwarts Sorting Ceremony

Fans of Harry Potter are familiar with the school's sorting system through which students at Hogwarts are assigned housing. It's based on the students' abilities, personality and preferences after a Sorting Ceremony has been conducted. The founders of the witchcraft and wizardry school were Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff Salazar Slytherin, hence the names of the student houses in which they will reside.

Adding a Little Magic to Animal Adoptions

PAGO's website goes on to outline the process by explaining, "For example, a dog who takes to learning obedience cues or quickly figures out a puzzle to has the KNOWLEDGE of a Ravenclaw. A small dog who has the determination to climb the agility A-Frame possesses the AMBITION of Slytherin house. Our affectionate happy-to-know-you dogs embody the FRIENDLINESS of a Hufflepuff and a dog who embraces change and new things has the BRAVERY known to all Gryffindors."

All in all, it's a smart way to garner attention to the plight of shelter animals and encourage lasting, responsible adoptions that will hopefully have magical outcomes.


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