The FabCat cat tunnel from OPPO provides indoor cats with stimulation and security while their owners benefit from its clever design and ease of cleaning.  

OPPO FabCat Tunnel Is Too Good Tube Be True

Cats just love tunnels: they're kinda like cardboard boxes rolled into tubes. Cat tunnels aren't all alike, however, as most caring cat owners are well aware. Why settle for a bargain-basement tunnel that (a) may be unsafe and (b) soon gets boring?

The FabCat cat tunnel from OPPO was designed to be the ultimate cat tunnel and although you may pay a little more for one (3200 yen or $30 as per OPPO online), the long-term benefits make it a worthwhile investment.

OPPO FabCat Tunnel Is Too Good Tube Be True

The FabCat cat tunnel consists of two flat, dog bone-shaped pieces of soft polyester material. One sheet is brick red, the other is blue-gray, and both look like felt though they're much more durable. Assembly is a cinch: form the sheets into a bi-colored tube using integral pet-safe hooks made from non-toxic POM (polyoxymethylene) thermoplastic.

The assembled FabCat cat tunnel measures 620mm (24.5”) long by 190mm (7.5”) wide with an inner diameter of approximately 170mm (6.75”), and weighs just 260 grams or just over half a pound. This video from OPPO demonstrates the FabCat cat tunnel in action as well as illustrating how it's assembled.    

OPPO FabCat Tunnel Is Too Good Tube Be True

The contrasting yet complementary colors accent any room décor, and the tunnel's flexible assembly method allows for a variety of shapes and ingress/egress openings – even one in the center. Changing the tunnel's shape helps maintain your cat's interest, thus prolonging the tunnel's usage life – and presumably, that of your cat.

Last but not least, the FabCat cat tunnel is so easy to clean! Just separate the two component sheets, lay them flat on the floor, and remove any accumulated cat hair with your preferred tool – we recommend the Ketori Pet Hair Collector, also made by OPPO. For more information and ordering instructions, please visit the OPPO product page at OMG Japan or at Amazon Australia.

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