This clever One Lump or Two Sugar Bowl in the shape of a
something you can use to dress up any area where you keep your coffee or
tea for urgent consumption.

 One Lump or Two Sugar BowlOne Lump or Two Sugar Bowl

The bowl is designed to hold sugar cubes, so it is best used with those blessed hot liquids that often go down a bit better with a spoonful of sugar. Made of glazed porcelain, it is sure to get a smile from guests or coworkers as they serve themselves. While it is designed for cubes, it can most assuredly also hold packets of sugar and sugar substitutes.

It is hard to tell whether the camel is meant to be a dromedary or Bactrian, so I think the better question is "one hump or two." But hump or lump it is still a fun addition to sweetening your caffeine addiction.

To order a One Lump or Two Sugar Bowl for yourself or as a gift for a caffeine-addicted friend, click here.

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