Foreyy 5-Level Raised Feeder Stand

FOREYY 5-Level Raised Feeder Stand


The FOREYY 5-Level Raised Feeder Stand is a clever stand for pet food bowls that looks great, is multi-functional, and solves issues that most other raised double feeder stations do not.

  1. It can feed two dogs or a dog and a cat who are different heights.
  2. It can provide food and water at the same height or different heights.
  3. For sloppy eaters, you can keep water at a higher level than your dog's food, in order to keep his food from falling into the water bowl as he's eating. 
  4. It grows with your dog from puppyhood to adulthood and it's great for older dogs that have difficulty bending down to a lower food bowl.


FOREYY 5-Level Raised Feeder Stand


The recessed platforms hold the included silicone mats that keep your dog bowls from sliding around, and the wire rims around the feeding platform keep the bowls from tipping too.


Foreyy Feeder Stand

FOREYY 5-Level Raised Feeder Stand


The bottom frame and the skid-proof feet stabilize the Feeder Stand and keep it from sliding. 


FOREYY 5-Level Raised Feeder Stand


The fine quality bamboo used to make the FOREYY 5-Level Raised Feeder Stand will last a long time, and remember that bamboo is biodegradable.

The reviews on the FOREYY 5-Level Raised Feeder Stand are very high. You do have to put it together yourself and there are instructions for doing that. One thing you might add to your order is a special instruction to the manufacturer to insure all necessary pieces are included, though just a few customers raised this issue.

This Feeder Stand is a patent pending product. See its reviews and impressive short video here.


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