Notice anything odd about this glove?  It's got six fingers.  Do you want to know why?


Spotless Paw GloveSpotless Paw Glove


So you can wear it on either hand!

It's the Spotless Paw, microfiber dirty-paws-fighter.  And it's been around for a number of years, but no one seems to have improved on its design or capabilities. I just purchased my second set - one for the car and one for the front porch of the house - after about 5 years of using the old ones.

The glove still has a powerful microfiber cloth cleaner that not only gets the mud off your buddy's paws but dries them as well.  A glove is a really natural way for you to work with your dog or cat's feet too, because it lets you easily clean between the toes to where the mud, and often ice, sticks.


The Spotless Paw Glove is easy to useThe Spotless Paw Glove is easy to use


Spotless Glove is not only for dirty paws, you can use it on your pet's fur, even on a horse, to pick up dirt that settles in her fur.  When the glove gets too dirty to use again, just throw it in the washing machine and it will be just like new.  Here, this video should give you the idea....



Now, when it rains just after I've polished the floors or washed the carpeting, I don't worry - as much - about my pets' muddy paws ruining them.  Spotless Paws are available from


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