Christmas may be over, but the winter sure isn't. You're piling more blankets on and your dog is shivering next to you. But not if he's outfitted with a HuggleFleece Nordic Dog Bed, one of the finest dog beds you can buy.

HuggleHounds® HuggleFleece Nordic Dog Beds

HuggleHounds® HuggleFleece Nordic Dog Beds


These beds sure are made well. The polyfill innards are covered by three layers of fabric - a zippered cover with a microsuede bottom, nordic knit sides, and the plushest faux lambswool ever to be found in a dog bed! The top layer is especially dog friendly. It's soft as... well, fleece! But it's also tough and moisture repellent. The cover is machine washable and the more you wash it, the softer it gets!

Two more things promised by HuggleHounds. The beds will stay in shape and lovely for a long, long time. Like other HuggleHounds products, the beds are very durable.

These Nordic Dog beds come in S (25" diam.), M (30" diam.), L (36" diam.), XL (44" diam.).


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Now, if you've looking for something more versatile, HuggleHounds also makes a HuggleFleece Reversible Nordic Dog Mat which is great to give your pup a warm spot on an otherwise cold floor, or a throw for another bed or sofa so you can warm up an otherwise suitable surface. Of course, these are gorgeously styled as well.

HuggleHounds® HuggleFleece Reversible Nordic Dog Mat

HuggleHounds HuggleFleece Reversible Nordic Dog Mat


The Nordic Dog Mat promises the same performance as the Nordic Dog Bed: it's lovely, for one, but it's also soft, tough, and easy to wash. And it's reversible!


HuggleHounds HuggleFleece Reversible Nordic Dog Mat


The Mat comes in several sizes: XS (20" x 24"), S (23" x 30"), M (23" x 36"), L (26" x 42"), XL (30" x 48"), XXL (37" x 54").


If your pup is one of those particular creatures who likes everything to match, you might indulge him in a matching HuggleHounds® HuggleFleece Nordic Gnome Knottie Tuffut Dog Toy. HuggleHounds makes the best, strongest dog toys. They're made of cloth, but that is backed up with two layers of nearly impenetrable proprietary fabrics that will challenge any dog to tear it up - well, not really, but they are tough, withstanding up to 100 pounds of tugging.

HuggleHounds Nordic Gnome Knottie Tuffut Dog Toy

HuggleHounds® HuggleFleece Nordic Gnome Knottie Tuffut Dog Toy


The knots in the limbs help to reduce chewing destruction, which dogs tend to do with a toy when they are not trying to pull it apart.

Anyway, there is a lot of charm in the Knottie Tuffut dog toys and these Nordic Gnomes are no exception.


There being several more weeks of winter ahead, you might consider one or more of these cozy, adorable beds or toys. You won't have to buy them again next year, or for years after.


That's the buzz for today!

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