Vinyl vehicle wraps are getting so realistic it's hard to know just where the buck stops, though in this case it's on the back of a pickup parked at a Texas Walmart.

It's like returning from a successful hunt but without the mess... and, umm, that whole “taking the life of an innocent creature” thing that riles up some folks. But we digress: this is, as the People of Walmart website puts it, one “killer truck wrap” and unlike the real thing, it won't smell bad no matter how long you're parked under the hot Texas sun.

Oh Deer, It's A Texas Truck Tailgate Wrap

To further quote PoW, “I'd say it comes in handy when you want to piss off PETA supporters even when it's not hunting season, but you've got a Texas plate and I'm pretty sure it's always hunting season and you've kicked all two of the PETA supporters out of the state already.”

While certainly eye-popping and jaw-dropping in its own right, this in-yo-face vehicle wrap isn't quite as awesome as it could be. To quote a commenter at the site, “The wrap would be killer if the person who took the original pic did it straight on and not at an angle. As it stands now, it looks more like a bad Photoshop job. It's just making Texas people look stupid.” Naw, it's not THAT bad... add a set of Truck Nutz, though, and you've got a case.