This cute cat thought he'd finally licked his OCD problem until his owners whipped out the tape measure. Sign that cat to a contract... working in the mail room!

YouTube user ApolloStormMusic has uploaded dozens of amusing/interesting videos but this particular one stands out: it's one of the only ones featuring a cat, and at a mere 37 seconds in length it's among the shortest of the group. No matter – not one of those 37 seconds is wasted. Here, check it out for yourselves:


There's basically no explaining why or how a cat reacts to the sight & sound of a mechanical device in this way. The “snickety-snick” sound of a tape measure wouldn't seem to be an analog for any natural noise and even if it did, why would a cat react this way?

We'll just have to chalk it up to a happy circumstance in which neither the cat nor the tape measure suffers any harm while everyone else gets to enjoy a half-minute of guiltless joy. (via YouPouch)




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