You don't have to be a wine snob to appreciate Nyangria Sol de Verano white wine, just a cat fan who likes the odd tipple.

Nyangria Sol de Verano White Wine

The average wine drinker doesn't know a lot about wine but they DO know what they like. If you're one of “those” folks and aren't afraid to show it, AND you just happen to love cats and anything cat-related, then Nyangria Sol de Verano is the wine for you!

That said, Nyangria Sol de Verano is more than just a generic table wine with a cute label. There's no need to fear serving it to dinner guests, as it's a true 11%-alcohol White Sangria produced from Macabeo grapes and bottled in Spain's sun-drenched Valencia province.

Nyangria Sol de Verano White Wine

Nyangria Sol de Verano comes in 750ml bottles sealed with screw-on tops – no corks to pull, pop or mangle with your rarely-used corkscrew. Trace amounts of flavor and fragrance enhancers have been added, imparting a fresh scent of orange, lemon, peach, pineapple, tropical fruit and candy to every sip.

Good to the last drop? We can't say... but with a label like that, you'll want to keep the bottle on display long after the Nyangria has run dry. You can order Nyangria Sol de Verano online from the (Japanese language) KALDI Coffee Farm website. (image via Jugem