The cat-eared Nyammy Scissors takes on a whole new purr-sonality when stored in its complementary cat-footed holder. If your home has gone to the dogs, now at least your kitchen can make out like a kitten!

Nyammy Black Cat Kitchen Scissors

Let's cut to the chase and state the plain facts: the Nyammy Scissors is THE cutest pair of scissors you've ever seen! Seriously, a scissors with cat ears in a case with little cat feet? That alone is enough to make us run – not with scissors, mind you – to the nearest WIFI hotspot.

The Nyammy Scissors also offers users a “Top Cat” level of utility, rising above any number of cheaply made child-friendly scissors whose design is focused on looking good, not on working well.

Nyammy Black Cat Kitchen Scissors

Cute looks aside, the Nyammy Scissors is a bonafide kitchen utensil and as such, it's made (in Japan) from stainless steel and food-safe, heat-resistant elastomer plastic.

One of the scissor blades sports serrated teeth, and the back of the case incorporates a sheet magnet ideal for gripping metal refrigerator doors.

Nyammy Black Cat Kitchen Scissors

The Nyammy Scissors measures 17.1 cm long by 7.3 cm wide (roughly 6.75 inches by 2.75 inches). It's part of the Nyammy series of cat-like kitchen utensils that include a rice scoop, a Japanese “tamago” omelet pan, a cheese grater, and more!

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