Nonagenarian Horseback Rider Queen Elizabeth Still Galloping

Queen Elizabeth is not letting a minor issue like age prevent her from galloping into her ninth decade. In Town & Country, she was photographed horseback riding at the ripe young age of 93. When most folks think about slowing their pace in their senior years, this venerable British monarch was most recently found riding her favorite horse on the grounds of Windsor Castle. Like a master equestrian in her prime, she handled the task as if she was born on a horse.

Over the years . . .

Her love of horses began early in life dating back to when she was a toddler. At age 4, she received a Shetland pony named Peggy from her father, King George VI. Since then she's had a succession of horses. In the 1950s, it was a ticklish mare called Betsy. In the 1970s and '80s, it was Burmese, a gift from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, whom she rode in 18 consecutive Trooping the Color ceremonies.

She's also ridden with heads of state in the past. In 1982, the Queen rode horseback alongside President Ronald Reagan on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Last year, she appeared on horseback with her great-great-grandson, Prince William. She was reportedly riding a pony named Carltonlima Emma, one of her longtime favorite horses, according to W Magazine.


In addition to riding horses, the Queen personally owns 25 to 30 race horses, including a rare white Lipizzaner stallion presented to her by the head of state of Slovenia in 2008.

Also involved in breeding, "she is fascinated with bloodlines," said Lucy Higginson, editor of Horse and Hound, noting that "she meticulously enjoys pairing thoroughbreds."

Speaking to human bloodlines, she's passed on her equestrian passion to her daughter, Princess Anne, who in turn inspired her daughter, Zara Tindall to get involved in the sport. Tindall showed so much interest in horse riding, she went on to win an Olympic medal as a member of the UK's 'eventing team' at the London games in 2012.

Queen Elizabeth is a marvel for many reasons. However, her love of horses is a stand-out, since her passion has not waned over her nine decades. Town&Country's feature writer Maggie Maloney, characterized it the best when she noted, "the longest-reigning British monarch in history proves that age is just a number."

Primary Source: Town & Country