Have you ever wanted a desktop betta pet, but hate the smelly responsibilities of replacing dirty water? Form meets function with NoClean!

I’ve already written an article about how to get ready to be an awesome betta parent, but even I didn’t know about this cool trick to improve upon my formula. The stylish half-gallon No Clean Aquarium comes with an open top and an unusual-looking spout near the top of the container. When you pour clean water into the opening, waste water is filtered out through the spout and into the disposal cup that you’ve placed under the spout.

Since the gross used water is automatically removed from the betta’s ecosystem, you won’t have to get your hands dirty scrubbing out fish poo or lassoing and stressing out the poor betta while you clean out his home. This innovative system also helps to prevent algae from appearing, because the bacteria-laden fish waste and dirty water that accumulates in traditional aquariums is flushed away long before algae has a chance to form. As a nice bonus, the leftover water can be used as a great fertilizing drink for growing plants. Yummy.

Like any other aquarium, you’ll still need to get a few rocks to line the bottom of your NoClean Aquarium, a mini fish net, water conditioner/purifier, a real or artificial plant, healthy betta food and of course, the prettiest betta at the pet shop. While this aquarium has a completely unique design of its own, the betta habitat’s minimalistic themes allow it to adapt to the substrate, plant, fish and décor of whatever room you place it in.

Click here to pick up your own NoClean Aquarium, but you’ll have to pick up your betta pal in person.

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