What? Something that makes your dog enjoy taking a bath? Impossible?


Bath Buddy

K9 Bath Buddy


Not according to all the bathtub barkers who are no longer resisting their ritual baths. Are these dogs pretending to enjoy their baths, or just distracted? I have to break it to you; they are distracted.

But who cares! The K9 Bath Buddy appears to keep both large and small dogs in the tub.

Created by dog lovers and owners, Rob and Megan Hoover, who suffered through their dogs' baths along with their dogs, the Bath Buddy was born of their frustration trying to keep each dog in the tub during his bath. You know the scene; been there, done that.


Bath Buddy

K9 Bath Buddy


The distraction they created is a peanut butter holder that adheres to bathroom tile, so dogs can occupy themselves licking the peanut butter while they are being bathed. Made of food-safe silicone, the Bath Buddy is free of any harmful chemicals and is even top-load dishwasher safe.

It works like a dream! Some dogs even jump back into the tub to finish licking the Bath Buddy after their baths are finished.

The 5-inch diameter silicone paw-shaped pad sticks to the wall on one side and sticks to your dog's smooth peanut butter on the other side. Slather it on and bathe your dog. If you finish bathing your dog before she's licked up all the peanut butter, so much the better.


Bath Buddy

K9 Bath Buddy (suction side adheres to tile)


If you don't regularly give your dog peanut butter as a special treat, all the better. The less you give her peanut butter, the more she'll look forward to getting a bath!

The Bath Buddy was a Kickstarter project; you can check out the K9 Bath Buddy video here.


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