If your dog was injured and you gave him a choice between wearing a cone or wearing a collar, which one would he choose?

This one?


Bite Free Collar For Pets

Bite Free Collar by KVP


... or this one?


Traditional E-collar

Traditional E-collar


I'm going to assume that he chose the Bite Free Collar by KVP, above.

That was a smart choice, because if your dog has a 'lower body' injury, the Bite Free Collar by KVP will keep him from biting and licking the area without having to wear a cone. (But If your dog's injury is to the front legs, feet, facial area, or ears, he will need some kind of E-collar to keep the dog from reaching each of these areas.)

With the Bite Free Collar, your dog will be relieved that she can actually turn her head from side to side, and not hear an echo when you call her, and not have to try to pull the darn E-collar off her head! But don't forget, she'll also be able to sleep comfortably and eat and drink from her bowls comfortably. (She'll just have to find another way to pick on those stitches!)

Watch this short video carefully, so you can see how to put the Bite Free Collar on your dog and, most importantly, how to measure your dog to determine the right size of collar to purchase. (It's not the circumference of the neck that's the most important factor in sizing.)



So, just to emphasize, don't forget to measure the base of your dog's ear to the top of his shoulder blade. Then you can match up the measurements with the correct size.

Bite Free Collar


Once you have measured the neck length and circumference, you can match them with the correct sizes.

The Bite Free Collar is somewhat flexible so it is more like you wearing a soft-to-medium spongy E-collar than if you were wearing a stiff brace.

Check this out before your dog needs it! And if your cat should need the Bite Free Collar, measure her in the exact say way to see if the smallest Bite Free Collar will fit.


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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