No Kidding! Lincoln The Goat Wins Mayoral Election

This year we have one of the most crowded fields of Democrats running for president of the United States.

With a dozen confirmed candidates, three exploratory committees and multiple "maybes," an exponential and eclectic group are vying for the highest seat in the land. The old guard and the new blood of Joe Biden and Beto O'Rourke are sitting on the sidelines teasing daily whether they will jump into the fray.


March Madness 2019

Mayors on the Local Level . . .

However, on the local level candidates are shaking it up as well. While Mayor Buttigeig of Fort Bend, Indiana is throwing his hat in the ring for the presidential race, a goat in Fair Haven, Vermont  is staying put in his local community running for Mayor. And his name is "Lincoln." What? Yes. No kidding!

Appealing to Kids

While Honest Abe freed the slaves, Lincoln the Goat appeals to the kids [no pun intended]. Town Manager Joe Gunter told the the Rutland Herald he came up with the idea to elect an pet for mayoral office.

His creative local politic approach focused on fund-raising. He figured he could raise enough funds to build a local playground for kids. Unfortunately, while it only raised a little over $100 through a $5 entry fee, it reportedly provided other benefits.

"It turned into a good civics lesson," he told the news outlet. "Get the kids involved in town government. (I) thought this was a great way to break the ice with the kids."

First Honorary Pet

Lincoln the 3-year-old Nubian got to beat out more than a dozen others while breaking the glass ceiling for the first honorary "pet mayor."

He was voted in by the residents of Fair Haven, a town situated on the Vermont border, with a population of approximately 2500 people.

Lincoln ran a tough race against 15 other animals on the ballot. Several of the most popular candidates he beat out for the job included a cat named Sassy Towle, Copper Oakman, a very wise 12-year old Samoyed and a gerbil called Crystal.

Lincoln took 13 of the 53 votes cast, narrowly winning the seat from a dog named Sammie Viger who took home 11 votes.

On the Job . . .

Lincoln's official duties will include working as a groundskeeper [someone's got to mow the grass], attending municipal events, making public appearances and marching proudly in the Memorial Day parade  . . . perhaps with official mayoral gavel! We'll see.

Goat for mayor

Primary Source: Rutland Herald