Slopper Stopper Dripless Dog Water Bowl w/ Stand

Slopper Stopper Dripless Dog Water Bowl w/ Stand


Pets, especially dogs, don't care if they drip or spill water all over your wood floors after their 'big gulp' drinks. They shake their heads to rid their whiskers, beards. and long ears of the wet stuff and you get to mop it up. They poke their paws in their water bowls, diving for a creature that turns out to be a bubble.

But water bowl spills leave water and paw prints on your floors - slippery for them and you - and you get to clean them up.


Is this what your dogs do?

Is this what your dogs do?


With concern for your pet's health and the restriction of pet mess, pet product manufacturers are producing 'less mess' products. Some of these products are created by frustrated pet parents, like the Whitney's, newly married with two Weimaramers, and irked by the fact that their dogs were splashing drinking water all over their hardwood floors.

Water on wood results in the breakdown of the integrity of the wood. Though tile or linoleum floors are not as fragile, remember liquid on a bare floor of any kind is a safety threat to you and your pet. So Chuck and Shannon Whitney set out to create a spill-free bowl. After two years in development, their pet water bowl is a patented no-spill bowl that's on the market and getting very positive reviews. It's called the Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl.


Slopper Stopper No Spill Dog Water Bowl

Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl


When you fill the lower part of the dog bowl, you place the stopper in the center to insure the water doesn't rise. It will create a suction force when you remove it, so the water will not rise over the top of the inner funnel, which is where your pup gets his drink. (Don't worry. There's an instructional video below!)


Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl (water funnel)

Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl (water funnel)

This image shows your dog's position as he drinks from the Slopper Stopper. His muzzle rests on the rim of the funnel and his tongue extends into the funnel to drink, where the water gets suctioned up. 


Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl


The Slopper Stopper comes in small, medium, large, giant, and mammoth (Bull Mastiff, Newfoundland...) but each bowl is the same size - they all hold a gallon of water - but the funnel sizes are different


Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl Sizes

Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl


This video explains how to make the Slopper Stopper drink-ready for your dog....



It may take a few days for you and your pup to get familiar with the Slopper Stopper, but you will both catch on, and you'll be delighted at your clean and safe floors! Read the reviews; they're very positive!

If your dog is size large or bigger according to the chart above, it is advisable to add the Elevated Dog Bowl Stand to your purchase for ergonomic reasons.


Slopper Stopper Elevated Dog Bowl Stand

Slopper Stopper Elevated Dog Bowl Stand


The stand is 8 inches tall and when you add the remaining height of the recessed bowl, it rises to 10 inches tall.  It is custom made for the Slopper Stopper out of rustic Acacia wood and all size bowls are accommodated by the stand. They make a handsome pair, don't they?

If this blog has made you curious about the Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl and the Slopper Stopper Elevated Dog Bowl Stand, visit their ads on Amazon, where answers to customer questions and concerns are thoroughly answered.


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