Easter chocolate bunnies and hens may be traditional holiday treats but did you know other animals have gone to the sweet side as well?

Easter Chocolate Bunny Army


1) Easter Chocolate Jesus Fish

Easter Chocolate Jesus Fish

Folks with strong religious convictions may be put off by Easter bunnies and eggs due to their purported "pagan" origin, so this solid milk chocolate Jesus Fish from confectioner Russell Stover makes a welcome alternative. And yeah, it would look better stuck on the back of your car or truck though that's not recommended in warmer climates. (Easter chocolate animal images via Rick01 and Amazon.com)    


2) Easter Chocolate Bilby

Easter Chocolate Bilbies

We recently covered the story behind Cadbury's chocolate Easter Bilby so please visit that post for more info. Suffice to say that only bunny-hating Australians could come up with an edible milk-chocolate marsupial modeled on a rat-like critter that can spread a disease called Q-Fever through contact with its bodily fluids. Also, it's delicious - the candy, not the creature. (Easter chocolate animal image via Rick01)      


3) Easter Chocolate Pig

Easter Chocolate Pig

Meet "Pigglesworth", a charming "Animal Friend" molded from hollow milk- and white chocolate. Maybe it's us, but isn't there something odd about eating one's friends? But we digress - if you're gonna pig-out on Easter candy, might as well start with this cute li'l piggie. (Easter chocolate animal image via pchow98)   


4) Easter Chocolate Snoopy

Easter Chocolate Snoopy

It's a Charlie Brown Easter so let's eat Snoopy! Seriously, this really is the darkest timeline. What can we say about a beloved comics and cartoon character from our childhood being modeled in Nestle chocolate, only to be devoured by screaming kids on a protracted sugar-high? At least Easter Snoopy is realistic: when you bite into him, he crunches. (Easter chocolate animal image via Mike Mozart)     


5) Easter Chocolate Kitten

Easter Chocolate Kitten

This adorable chocolate Easter Kitten would appear to come from Canada, based on the duplicate French text and metric weight. Do they have chocolate Easter Beavers there too? One can only hope. As for the Easter Kitten, we worry about the "you're not really gonna eat me" expression on its face, and you should too. (Easter chocolate animal image via splinky9000)                 


6) Easter Chocolate Peeps

Easter Chocolate Peeps

What the heck ARE Peeps anyway? They're superficially chicks though if one looks closely there's no mention of that "alternative fact" anywhere on any Peeps package. As polarizing as Peeps are, the chocolate-coated version leans more than a little to the queasy side of the equation. We've seen better-looking birds on the beach after a major oil spill... no doubt they're tastier too. (Easter chocolate animal image via David Berkowitz)                                 


7) Easter Chocolate Squirrel

Easter Chocolate Squirrel

There's definitely something squirrely about this chocolate Easter Squirrel. It's holding onto an acorn but the candy is nut-free, for one. It's hollow - filled with despair, most likely. Last but not least, it's not even chocolate... sorry folks, "milk chocolate flavored" just doesn't cut it. Let's just say that friends don't give friends Easter Friends hollow milk chocolate flavored Easter Squirrels, because that's just nuts. (Easter chocolate animal image via Reddit/IntoEternity)                    


8) Easter Chocolate Frog

Easter Chocolate Frog

Monty Python once extolled the gustatory virtues of Crunchy Frog chocolates but nobody in their right mind thought such a thing would ever come to pass... yet here we are, at Easter, with this bug-eyed candy creation staring us down in a most unhumorous manner. It's not known whether this frog is crunchy or not... if they took the bones out it wouldn't be crunchy, would it? (Easter chocolate animal image via Katy)                     


9) Easter Chocolate Paul Frank 'Julius' Monkey

Easter Chocolate Paul Frank Julius Monkey

The folks at Nestle are at it again, this time swapping out our favorite chocolate Easter Bunnies, Hens and Eggs for... a monkey? And not just any monkey, either - it's Julius, from the creative mind of designer Paul Frank. Though the wide-mouth stylized ape remains a popular fashion statement both here at home and around the globe, nobody thought it might be good to eat on Easter. Nobody but Nestle, at least. (Easter chocolate animal image via nefasth)


10) Easter Chocolate Zombie Bunny

Easter Chocolate Zombie Rabbit

Yes, we know this mold-green Chocolate Zombie Bunny is a rabbit but you gotta admit, it's not unlike any chocolate Easter bunny you've ever seen. Call it "The Hopping Dead" - and if you're like us you'll eat the exposed rib cage first and that soul-searching demonic yellow eyeball last. (Easter chocolate animal image via Dan Century)

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