We love our cats and our cats love their litter boxes but matching the right litter box with the right feline can be a labor of pup pee love. 

Unique Kitty Litter Boxes For Very   'Special' Cats


1) R2Pee2

Unique Kitty Litter Boxes For Very   'Special' Cats

You can't blame this cat for being skeptical – and that's putting it mildly – at the prospect of entering this high-tech litter box. Seriously, it looks like a scaled-down space pod salvaged from the set of the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey... and you know how THAT worked out. “Open the poop bay doors, HAL...”  

According to Flickr member and photographer Your Best Digs, the Litter Robot III features a “mechanism with a rotating sifter using clumping litter and a night light.” So, kinda like Skynet for pets, got it. Thanks anyway, and which way to the neighbor's garden? (unique cat litter box image at top via Jennifer and above via Your Best Digs)   


2) Secrete Garden

Unique Kitty Litter Boxes For Very   'Special' Cats

Zen and the art of moggy-psycho maintenance, anyone? OK, so the above miniature zen-garden-in-a-litter-box was ostensibly designed by a ferret-owner, that doesn't mean cats won't use it.

Even if they do, don't expect your felines to delicately rake the sand back into a soul-soothing pattern of waves and dunes worthy of a monk-managed temple retreat. Just be glad they cover up their business, unlike dogs who scatter the deposit to the four corners of the compass. (unique cat litter box image via .hj barraza)


3) Who Pee'd In The Pool?

Unique Kitty Litter Boxes For Very   'Special' Cats

So many cats, not enough litter boxes... it's a common complaint among the crazy cat lady set. Actually no, crazy cat ladies aren't really known for ensuring each of their many cats has easy and equal access to a litter box.

Somebody needs to tell them about plastic kiddie pools! Although in this case, that would be “kitty pool” and instead of water, you'll want to fill it with kitty litter. Bingo: 22 cats, one litter box... which is a video nobody wants to see. Oh, and better include a rake 'cuz one of those plastic cat poop scoops just ain't gonna cut it. (unique cat litter box image via Barbara Doduk)


4) The Big Dig

Unique Kitty Litter Boxes For Very 'Special' Cats

LACMA big litter box? We LOVE it and... oh wait, LACMA is short for “Los Angeles County Museum of Art” and this Mother Of All Litter Boxes isn't meant to be used unless your cat really IS a tiger – and doesn't just think it's one.

Flickr member and photographer Ana Gremard snapped the super-sized sanitary sandbox in 2011 while visiting an exhibition at LACMA. Lucky for us she brought her camera, even luckier for everyone she (and other patrons) left their pets at home. (unique cat litter box image via Ana Gremard)


5) In Through The Out Box

Unique Kitty Litter Boxes For Very 'Special' Cats

No doubt about it, cats think we – their purported “owners” – are sorta dumb. Like, who buys a box of cat litter only to pour the contents of said box into another box for us to poop on? Why not cut out the middleman and just pop the lid on the full box? DUH!

Young “Tigger” here appears to regard the photographer with a “hey, I'm poopin' here!” expression as he makes like a tidy cat while inside a Tidy Cat box. Call it Cat Inception – even Xzibit would be impressed! I know we are. (unique cat litter box image via Connie Roberts)

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