Night & The Kitty: 10 Beautiful & Mysterious Black Cats

Black cats have emerged as one of Halloween's most enduring symbols though they're really no more fierce, fearful or frightening than any other cat. Don't believe us? We'll bet these 10 beautiful & mysterious black cats will change your impression from frightful to delightful.  



The Hunter

Night & The Kitty: 10 Beautiful & Mysterious Black Cats

Black cats are just as sweet, loving and playful as most any other cat - some say even more so, though they're probably biased due to owning one. Take Flickr member Laura D'Alessandro, for example, who states of her precocious pet "It kills me that what she perceives as her 'fierce hunter face' is, in actuality, the most adorable face ever." We can only agree! (Black Cat image via Laura D'Alessandro)


Black Russian

Night & The Kitty: 10 Beautiful & Mysterious Black Cats

In post-Soviet Russia, you scare black cat! This adorable black beauty hails from metro Moscow and she sure is a Black Diamond in the rough... well, in the purr at least. (Black Cat image via Nickolas Titkov)



All That Jaz

Night & The Kitty: 10 Beautiful & Mysterious Black Cats

Jaz here used to have black whiskers but they turned white - one by one - with age. Good thing the rest of her lustrous fur stayed as black as the inside of a coal mine at midnight. (Black Cat image via hehaden)



Green-Eyed Lady

Night & The Kitty: 10 Beautiful & Mysterious Black Cats

It's said that a black cat crossing one's path is an omen of bad luck but the gorgeous green-eyed cat above can cross our path anytime. Like the friendly feline herself, things just can't help but be looking up. (Black Cat image via joysaphine)



Sofa, So Good

Night & The Kitty: 10 Beautiful & Mysterious Black Cats

As comfy and sleep-inducing as this couch appears, Alfie here still manages to keep an eye on the surrounding scene. Clean as a whistle and obviously well cared for, this exquisite black cat shows off a head to tail coat of sleek, glossy, deep black  fur. (Black Cat image via Sarah Barker)



Cat On A Hot Tile Roof

One would imagine a black cat sunning itself on a black tar-paper covered garage roof would feel mighty toasty in no time flat. It might indeed but as cats are originally desert creatures, they can tolerate heat much more than we puny humans. Kudos to photographer Peter Huys for capturing this superbly seasonal color-coordinated composition featuring his very own black cat on his very own garage roof. (Black Cat image via Peter Huys)



Climb It Change Denier

Night & The Kitty: 10 Beautiful & Mysterious Black Cats

Cats gonna cat, and that rule applies no matter what their color. As for the sofa... yeah, that'll buff right out.  (Black Cat image via Dan4th Nicholas)



Kittened To The Curb

Seemingly lost in thought, a blue-eyed black kitten waits by the roadside for who knows what or whom. Someone needs to tell him, however, that the white zone is for immediate loading and unloading only and there is no stopping in the red zone. (Black Cat image via DeviantART/~butterfly~heaven)



Too Cool For Cats

There are polar bears, wolves, foxes, hares, owls and more, but why are there no polar cats? That's what the subject of the image above seems to be thinking – just before his owner lets him back indoors to lounge before the fireplace. (Black Cat image via Wikipedia/Juan Ramirez)



Women Are From Venus, Cats Are From Mars

Night & The Kitty: 10 Beautiful & Mysterious Black Cats

The late great sci-fi author wrote the short story Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed about Martians but the description could easily be applied to many black cats as well. Was Bradbury inspired by a golden-eyed black cat, perhaps? Did he imagine a Mars populated by golden-eyed black cats? Maybe he didn't... but we can! (Black Cat image via zenera)





Did you know that black cats are least likely color cat to be adopted? That's just not right; imagine the furor that would erupt if we were talking about people and not cats. Truth is, black cats are just as lively, loyal and loveable as any other cat. If you see one at your local shelter, consider giving him or her a chance to change your perceptions by adding extra color to your life! (Black Cat images via Max Pixel, top, and Tjflex2, above)



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