The Nook Litter Box provides cats with the privacy they need while adding a dash of style to their owners' modern room décor.     

Nook Litter Box

Need some private “space” within which to answer nature's call? Make it so – courtesy of Tuft + Paw, the home of modern, thoughtfully designed cat furniture that meets your cat’s needs... not to mention your own.

Sporting minimalist style in the classic “form follows function” aesthetic, the Nook Litter Box is equally at home in cozy family settings or aboard the futuristic Borg cube starship it somewhat disturbingly resembles. Do the Borg assimilate cats? One would hope not, lest humanity's doom be assured!  

Nook Litter Box from Tuft + Paw

“Resistance is futile” when you've gotta go. That's why the clever cat experts at Tuft + Paw designed the Nook Litter Box to be as accessible and accommodating as can be. Measuring a spacious 26" long by 16" wide and 17" tall, the all-aluminum enclosure comfortably fits cats weighing up to 20 lbs.

The lift-off shelter weighs 16.3 lbs while the 21" by x 15" by 5" base tray weighs just 4.7 lbs. Packed flat for ease of shipping, the Nook Litter Box can be assembled in just 20 minutes with all instructions, tools, and screws included.

Nook Litter Box from Tuft + Paw

Cleaning the Nook Litter Box is a breeze – just wipe down the surfaces with a damp cloth. Litter is not included but we heartily recommend Tuft + Paw's natural, sustainable and flushable Really Great Cat Litter. Because whatever space you're in – inner or outer – splashdown should never be a hassle.

For more information and ordering instructions, please visit the product page at Tuft + Paw : Modern Furniture for Cats.