Wire dog crates leave something to be desired aesthetically.  Even when we furnish them with a pet bed, a few pillows, and a toy or two... they look pretty sterile.

Well, your dog can live in the lap of luxury without even leaving his crate!

The latest trend in dog crate furnishing is the crate cover, usually a fabric cover fitted to standard sizes of wire crates that encloses the entire crate, but has openings at the exits and sometimes at the sides where they can create a kind of 'window' for your pet.

This Tailored Dog Crate Cover in Pewter Bones pattern is one of my favorites....

Tailored Dog Crate Cover

Tailored Dog Crate Cover


The microfiber material is upholostery fabric and, darn, if it doesn't look like it!  Very rich.  The crate cover is also made very well with no visible seams and a neat contrast trim. The Tailored Dog Crate Cover is fully lined too.  The matching mattress can be purchased separately.

If you're not crazy about the Pewter Bone pattern, above, or the color, there are 10 patterns in various colors to choose from at  In The Company Of Dogs.

Here's a snazzy one....


Tailored Dog Crate Cover

Tailored Dog Crate Cover


Too much!


Here's another beautiful and stylish dog crate cover; it's the Luxury Dog Crate Cover by Animals MatterIt's micro-velvet suede! I wrote that slowly so that you could savor every syllable of it: mi - cro - vel - vet - suede.


Luxury Dog Crate Cover by Animals Matter

Luxury Dog Crate Cover by Animals Matter in "sage"


This dog looks like he's on a safari!

There are five colors available on the Luxury Dog Crate Cover: Sage (above), charcoal, espresso, oyster, and stone. The covers roll up on all four sides, so they can accommodate both front and side door crates.

Below are the matching pillows that you can purchase separately.


Luxury Dog Crate Pad

Luxury Dog Crate Pad


Why not furnish that unsightly crate with some luxe? Besides adding protection from draft and respite from lights, an elegant dog crate cover will add some pizazz to your decor.


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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