If you feed your pets wet food, dry food, and water, triple dish pet feeders make
it so easy for your cats and dogs to nibble at the trough.  Just think,
all they need to do is turn their heads a bit to indulge their immediate

My favorite triple dog dish is the Melia Raised Wrought Iron Triple Bowl Dog Feeder because it's strong (made of Wrought Iron) and it's raised. If you have the money (it's pricey) go for it.  Problem is that you have to buy the bowls separately, but the triple dog feeder makes a stunning statement with any of Melia's gorgeous ceramic dog bowls.


Raised Wrought Iron Triple Bowl Dog Feeder by MeliaRaised Wrought Iron Triple Bowl Dog Feeder by Melia


I just adore this new triple cat dish from SnuggleSafe.  It's nowhere near the status of the Melia dog feeder above, but it's so cute.  Painted designs on the melamine dish signify moist food, dry food, and water... but don't worry, if your cat doesn't recognize the pictures, the distinctions are also written on the dish.


SnuggleSafe 3 Section Cat DishSnuggleSafe 3 Section Cat Dish


Okay, so there's one problem, the dish is not available yet in the U.S., and ordering from the British company would be fine... but the dish only costs about $3, while the shipping will cost about ten times that.  But if you're interested in the dish contact the company (info@lenricc21.com), and see if you can work something out.

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