Paw Friction

Paw Friction


If you have an older dog or one with nerve or muscle damage in his hind quarters, you've probably been through the dog socks routine already....

Or maybe you've tried the rubber booties, the adhesive stickers, or covering your floors with throw rugs or foam padding.

You would not be blamed. Seeing your buddy slip, slide, and fall makes owners sad and frustrated and it affects your dog emotionally as well. But a product called Paw Friction offers a different approach to get dogs up on their feet again.

Created by veterinarian Dr. Stacey Bone and medical device engineer, Jeff Harms, Paw Friction is another way to give your dog better traction on slippery floors. If you can get your dog's cooperation, it apparently works very well.

There are essentially two ingredients to Paw Friction. One is a medical grade adhesive; the other, friction granules made of virgin USA-made rubber.


Paw Friction

Paw Friction


To apply Paw Friction, you will first have to remove any fur from the bottom of your dog's paws that interferes with the pads of his feet. After applying a bit of quick-drying adhesive to his foot pad, you then dip the paw into the granules that you have spread around the enclosed tray.  Do that with each paw.



The process may work well the first time, if your dog doesn't move around too much, but don't give up. You will both get used to it, and it will be worth your efforts, according to customers. Paw Friction not only helps your dog walk on bare floors, but helps protect her from hot pavement!

Paw Friction is available at In The Company of Dogs.


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