A gorgeous new Snoopy figurine not only heralds the dawn of Japan's Reiwa Era, it's the first entry in a new line of Variarts figurines sure to be sought by serious collectors.

New Snoopy Reiwa Variarts Figurine

The Reiwa Era announced by the Japanese government on April 1 anticipates the enthronement of the nation's next and 126th Emperor, Naruhito, on May 1 of 2019. This officially licensed Snoopy figurine from Eyeup is among the dozens of collector's items and consumer goods set to hit the market at the dawn of the new era.

New Snoopy Reiwa Variarts Figurine

The gloss black figurine is decorated with gold accents, paw prints, and colorful flower blossoms in red and white. A clear acrylic plastic stele displaying the two-syllable name of the new era is included with the figurine.

The base is imprinted with the name “REIWA”, the logo of official licenser Snoopy Worldwide LLC, and the model number “001” signifying that this is the initial release in Eyeup's new Variarts series.

New Snoopy Reiwa Variarts Figurine

The new Snoopy Reiwa figurine and others to follow in the Variarts series are formed from ATBP-PVC (Acetyl tributyl citrate-polyvinyl chloride). This new polymer plastic is much favored by figurine collectors as it emits fewer phthalates, is far more biodegradable, and causes fewer biochemical effects than traditional plastics.

The figurine measures 75mm tall × 35mm wide × 50mm deep (roughly 3” by 1” by 2”). At press time, the Snoopy Reiwa figurine is available by pre-order only with a deadline of April 17 to place orders. General retail release is scheduled for early in July of 2019. Please visit the product page at OMGJapan for more details. (via Runatown)