Pop-Up Pee Pad

Pop-Up Pee Pad


A male dog lifts a leg to pee. That's not going to change because his "post" is a couch instead of a fire hydrant. Now, male puppies and dogs that need an indoor pee spot have a male-appropriate place to pee.

Pop-Up Pee Pad


The patented Pop-Up Pee Pad was created by Bill Klein, after he and his dog, Rocky, left their backyard in New York for an apartment in Texas. Rocky didn't approve of the move and showed it by marking furniture in his parents' new digs. Mr. Klein, who actually had the pop-up idea previously, finally decided to move on it. Thus, the Pop-Up Pee Pad was born....  And Rocky peed on it!


Pop-Up Pee Pad

Pop-Up Pee Pad


The Pop-Up Pee Pad has an 8.5 inch 3-dimensional fire hydrant embedded in a super absorbent, 3-layer pee pad with a leak proof backing. The Pop-Up also voluntarily closes when you re-fold the mat. The 22 x 23.5 inch mat is great for male puppies, of course, but also for older dogs who may become incontinent or have to wait for long hours before someone is available to walk him.

So far, pet parents are really happy with this invention!  Pop-Up Pee Pads are available at Amazon.com and In The Company of Dogs with various packaging options. Let us know how you like them! (Yeah. I know you had the idea for a long time, but you did nothing about it!)



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