The recently approved lobster emoji is now new and IMPROVED, thanks to online decapod devotees who noticed something was amiss in the leg department.

It shouldn't have come to this... “decapod” is Latin for “ten legs”, after all. Yet the snazzy new lobster emoji, one of 157 new emojis expected to be available later this year as part of Unicode 11.0, was hobbled even before it left the starting gate. As Joel Rubin (a Maine-born reporter for the L A Times) tweeted, “I really want to be wrong here, but isn't this bug missing a set of legs? Lobsters have four sets plus the big claws. I see only 3 sets on the emoji.” DOH! By the way, we read Rubin's tweet in Zoidberg's voice.

New Lobster Emoji Is Now Anatomically Correct

Though the emoji images released by the Unicode Consortium are merely guidelines for designers, addressing complaints promptly can save time and money down the road. "We heard you. We made some mistakes. And we are fixing them," wrote Jeremy Burge, chief emoji officer at Emojipedia, in a blog post. "I have to say that I'm a bit embarrassed we didn't get the leg count right the first time, but I'm happy it was brought to our attention so quickly!"

Emoji fans will also be pleased to learn that two other new emojis – those representing a skateboard and the DNA double-helix – have also been flagged and will be revised. (via FOX News)