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Is your dog trained to walk on a leash? Well, if she's still taking off at the sight of another human or critter, she's typical of most dogs on leashes. Leashes seem to encourage dogs to pull, especially towards another dog on a leash!

Even though leashes are a necessity (for many reasons!), it is truly a shame not to give your pup more leeway when hiking or walking in a park away from crowds or traffic that would otherwise require you to rein her in and keep her close. Retractable leashes are intended for just these occasions because you have the choice of keeping your dog at heel position or letting her walk more freely.



Pet Product Innovations SmartLeash


Pet Product Innovations, LLC has taken the retractable leash one step further by putting 'the brakes' on your dog when he makes a sudden lunge or move. The "brakes" are actually a patented automatic leash lock that the company compares to the action of a seat belt when a car brakes suddenly. Once there is no tension on the leash, the leash lock resets and you can use the retractable leash as you normally would, locking the leash with your thumb or finger on the manual brake in the handle. The SmartLeash is most effective on strong pullers, usually medium and large size pullers.




Thus, the SmartLeash is like other retractable leashes except it quickly stops your dog from sudden action before you have time to stop him with the hand brake.

Another feature that will keep you and your dog safe if he does jerk the leash is the bungee attachment to the SmartLeash (see above image) that helps absorb the shock of an abrupt halt.



Many leashes advertise themselves as "smart." SmartLeash, however, is a registered trademark of Pet Product Innovations, LLC.


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