The 2009 Global Pet Expo was held in Orlando, Florida last month
and among the new products awarded were new digs for the category of
"small animal pet products," those for ferrets, hamsters, and rabbits,
chinchillas, and other, normally wild, small animals. Here are the top
three winners in the category; they are all so neat!

Best In Show for the new product small animal pet category was the Habitat Defined Fun-nel Home by Super Pet. If I were a small animal, I would come out of the wild to live in these digs! (Update: This home is no longer available. This Multi-Level Pet Home also from Super Pet is a great alternative.)



Second Place in this category went to this Small Animal Wood Cage by the PetZip Group.
I can see birds in these digs, anywhere from parakeet size to
cockateils and some of the smaller parrots. Birds would definitely
climb around the home and eat the wood! This is a cool little house,
but I can't find it anywhere, so if you know anything about the Small Animal Wood Cage, please
let us know too!



Talk about eating one's home, the Global Expo Third Place Award in the small animal pet category went to an Edible Twigloo by Ware Manufacturing.
This should keep any rabbit busy for awhile, but you should have an
extra waiting around, as he'll be looking for more to crunch when he's
finished with this Twigloo. Another product in the MIA file, so if you
see it anywhere, please drop us a line!, Global Pet Expo

That's the buzz for today!


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