Combat Comb: Spot-on Application Tool

Combat Comb: Spot-on Application Tool


If your pets have fur any longer than a quarter of an inch, you probably have difficulty applying lotion, creme, or medication to their skin. Well, there's an invention for that: the Combat Comb.

The Combat Comb separates your pet's fur and holds it apart so that you can apply a treatment directly to the skin, instead of making a mess all over her fur, missing the area that needs to be treated, and wasting the treatment. If you glide the Combat Comb along your pet's body, it will separate her fur and, once placed where you want it, you can apply the treatment through the open groove in the middle of the device.


Combat Comb

Combat Comb: Spot-on Application Tool


Combat Comb was originally created for a Brooklyn puppy appropriately-named 'Brooklyn' to help apply flea treatment directly to his skin, but the Combat Comb can certainly be used for other necessary treatments. The Comb helps apply the treatment to your pet and it keeps the treatment off your fingers, which stay clear of the stuff while on the finger guides you see above (left or right handed!).

The Combat Comb instructional video, below, suggests you practice a few times to get used to using the tool and to get your pet acquainted to the feel of the device. Also, make sure you use it in the light so you can see your pet's skin clearly.



The Combat Comb is available for sale on and In The Company Of Dogs.


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